Our Services

Our Company Provide High Quality Geospatial Products and Services


Conduct mapping using aerial photo or satellite imagery. Processed through Aero-Triangulation and will result in a digital stereo model that usefull for DTM and Orthophoto generation and also for 3D mapping.

  • Data Acquisition

    We provide acquisition service for remotely sensed image data such as, Aerial photo (Big Format Digital Metric Camera), LiDAR-Photo (Medium Format Digital Metric Camera) and High resolution satellite imagery. Utilizing various acquisition tools and software

  • Aero-Triangulation

    Binding process of aerial photographs or imageries using control points that referenced to global coordinate system. Also including additional Identification Process of common elements in aerial photographs to make a seamless position and orientation result. Utilizing ISAT/Match-AT software

  • Generation of Digital Elevation Model (DSM, DTM)

    Processed through image corellation of triangulation Data. Using Match-T DSM/ TerraSolid software

  • Orthophoto and Mozaik Generation

    Rectification Process and seamless orthomozaik photo generation

  • 3D Stereoplotting

    3D digitation using 3D workstation and Summit evolution software


With the application of Geographic information system, goverments can make a more effective, efficient, and accurate decision. we provide a wide variaty of GIS analysis and application.

  • Conventional Map / Aerial Photo digitation
  • Delineation Process of conventional map or aerial photograph to digital vector format

  • GIS for Basemap

    GIS and database structure to be used in basemap that comply with basemap standard (Peta Rupa Bumi Indonesia)

  • Thematic GIS

    GIS creation for maps with specific themes such as: Food Security Map, Open Space Map, Tax Object Map, etc.

  • GIS Application/Web GIS

    Interactive and interoperable web-based GIS Application


  • Terrestrial Surveying
  • GPS Surveying

    High quality with high Accuration positioning Using dual frequency Geodetic GPS. application: Survey GCP (premarking/postmarking), Deformation Survey

  • Field Verification Survey(Toponimy)

    Field survey to verify and identify field elements of the map that we make from aerial potograph

  • Cadastre Survey

    Conducting measurement of land ownership boundaries.


The training services carry a special mission in relation to human resources at the Company as well as outside the Company. From the preparation of the training schedule to human resource development, also prepare the training materials and instructors.

We provide several training modules for PCI Geomatics Products. In addition we also provide other Mapping Software training services, such as Software Training Summit Evolution, Mapinfo, Esri (Arcview, Arcinfo), ArcGis and Autocad. Training is provided for all levels from basic to advanced. Training can be done in the client office as well as in our Company training room.


This division is responsible to responding to the market and support the marketing of products as follows:

  • Mainfame Server IBM
  • Printronix
  • Cisco Networking
  • Dell
  • Trimble Surveying
  • PCI Geomatics-Geomatica Software Solution
  • Summit Evolution-Precision Photogrammetry
  • Trimble INPHO
  • Ecognition
  • ENVI Sarscape System


For further inquiries, please send us a message or reach us directly through our official contact:

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